the Professionals

Staff bios forthcoming. For now you can click to visit your stylists Facebook Page.

Patrick Coley –  Owning Stylist

Kristin Santos – Stylist / Wedding and Extension Specialist

Gretchen Tucker –  Stylist

Kamesha Miller –  Stylist

Melody Skenes –  Stylist / Makeup Artist

Haley Kuhnes – Stylist / Makeup Artist

Tricia Cox – Stylist / Texture Specialist

Annie Tran, BSN – Stylist / Registered Nurse

Bryan McSweeney – Stylist

Celeste Sacco – Stylist

Melanie Martin – Massage Therapist

Scalp Aesthetics – Micro-scalp Pigmentation Artists

Benjamin Brandao – Owner / Relationship Manager

Princess Grace – Head of Security

Irene Picca – Accountant

Join Our Team – Cutting Specialists, Color Specialists, Generalists, Massage, Guest Services, Cosmetology Educators, Photographers and Video Producers, Event Planners, Local Artists

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