Cancellation Policy

  • Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you must reschedule or cancel your reservation.

We go to extraordinary measures to ensure you are reminded for your appointments. It is always our pleasure to move your appointments to another day or time when life throws a wrench in your plans. All guests are welcome and invited to respond to the email, text, or call with the change of plans. All future reservations which remain unconfirmed are subject to being bumped without notice if a guaranteed service request needs the time which we are unable to confirm.

  • Email reminder 3 business days out
  • Text Reminder 2 days out
  • If no response we call 1 day out
  • Day of, we send a 2 hour text reminder

To ensure you receive your reminders, you must provide your email and mobile phone number either directly to a Member Services Representative or by logging into your account by visiting our e-portal located at www.theSalon.club

We have the highest respect for our stylists’ time and we invite our guests to join us in showing them the respect they deserve by notifying us in advance of changes in your scheduling needs. If you don’t feel our team deserves this simple courtesy, we are not the right salon company to meet you needs unless you are willing to pay the following cancellation fees before rescheduling.

  • “NO SHOWS” may incur a charge equal to 100% of the reserved service amount
  • Being more than 10 minutes late without notice may result in having to reschedule your appointment for another day or time after paying the “NO SHOW” penalty
  • Less than 24 hour notice may result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount
  • Any of the above triggers rewards points accumulated to be voided

Your appointments are very important to the team members, reservations are made especially for you. We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request:

  • Appointments for multiple services or combos may be asked for credit card information upfront to reserve the time slot. Multiple services or combos not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.
  • Appointment cancellations with in 24 hours or “NO SHOWS” for appointments to redeem free gifts or other vouchers will be assessed a fee equal to the full menu price which must be paid in full before being able to reschedule to receive the special pricing.
  • ‘On location’ appointments require 50% deposit and 7 days notice of cancellation for deposit to be refunded. Cancellations with in 48 hours will result in a charge for the remainder of the full service total quoted less the deposit.
  • Single services taking longer than three hours, such as extensions and keratin treatments may be asked to place 50% deposit, plus a credit card number will be held to additionally charge the above described cancellation fees for “NO SHOWS” and last minute cancellations.

The cancellation policy allows us the time to inform our standby guests of any availability, as well as keeping our beauty service professional team members schedules filled, thus better serving everyone. The Salon policies are presented and provided in the best quality and tradition of excellent service for our established and future clientele. Thank you for viewing and supporting our cancellation policies criteria.

We’re All Human

No one is perfect and emergencies do happen. We are Worrywarts… if you don’t show up at your reservation without letting us know we will worry about you until we hear from you. We are very accommodating the first time you are late or miss your appointment. Even with the best excuses in the world, guests who develop the reputation of “NO SHOWING” will be required to provide credit card information to pay their cancellation fees before being able to continue scheduling appointments with the beauty professionals at the Salon.

We wouldn’t ask you to do anything we aren’t willing to do.  We extend the same cancellation policies to our clients. If one of our beauty providers has a personal reason which results in their need to miss your appointment and an alternate provider at the Salon is not available giving us no alternative but to cancel on a client less than 24 hours from the appointment scheduled, we will apply a credit to the clients account equal to 50% of your scheduled service. Exclusion: cancellation due to situations that are out of our hands such as acts of God, in-climate weather, power outages, or other uncontrollable circumstances that requires the Salon to be closed during regular business hours. We will reschedule your appointment once the emergency has passed.

Service Guarantee

Beauty needs are very individual.  At Total Hair Experience (the), we insist that when our guests leave the salon their hair should be healthier then when they arrived and they should feel beautiful and be happy with the hair, skin and nail services provided during their visit with us. However, if a guest is dissatisfied with the results through no fault of their own, we will gladly adjust their service results at no additional charge:

Absolutely Love Your Hair – within 10 days

You can return to the same stylist or you may choose another stylist at our salon in the rare case that we need to perform a redo to achieve the desired look. Refunds are not provided unless there was negligence or an error performed on the part of our staff that is not able to be fixed. In a case where no fix is possible, we ask that you complete the Refund for Services Rendered form so we may asses the situation and understand how our staff erred before issuing a refund for services rendered.

Please Note: not achieving the final desired color in one visit when performing a color correction after a guest has used over the counter box color or other non-professional grade products is not grounds for a refund. Quite often this is a multi-visit service in order to protect the length, health and integrity of our guests precious tresses. Also, no refund will be issued in situations where there is a failure to disclose or incorrect history of chemicals previously used on your hair is provided to your stylist during the consultation. When a complex color correction presents itself these expectations are set before the service begins. It is our policy that if a guest asks us to perform services that will damage their hair in order to achieve a lighter color result than is safely possible we will refuse the service before we would proceed to compromise our professional ethic.


A salon can be a dangerous place for unattended children. We must insist that children not accompany you during your visit. Although, we provide services to children who are accompanied by a guardian, we do not (under any circumstances) allow children in the salon while their guardians are receiving salon services. Please bring a second guardian to watch over children who simply must be with you while you are receiving services. However, it is best to find an alternative to having your little ones accompany you to Total Hair Experience Salon.

Payment Policy

Cash is love. As a courtesy, guests may use major credit cards for payment of services and products. Loyal salon clients are also permitted to pay with check. Returned check fee is $35 and guest will loose payment by check privileges.

the Members may charge services and products to their account. Members have the choice to be charge to the credit card on file at the time of purchase or monthly based on their personalized beauty needs and payment plan selected. Premium Member accounts are secured with a major credit card. Ultra-premium member status may be obtained by pre-funding their accounts on an annual basis.

Tipping Policy

Giving tips directly to your provider in cash or check is strongly encouraged. Credit card tips are permitted as a courtesy to our guests. Tips placed on credit or debit card will be delayed. Your provider will receive tips the following pay period on their payroll check.

20% gratuity may be applied on the service total of on-location appointments, appointments scheduled with three or more providers, and appointments for parties of three or more.

Our providers are very dedicated to their craft and work very hard to please guests and members at the. If ever receiving discounted services offered by the management of the, we recommend that all guests consider tipping based on the regular menu price.


Privacy is paramount. What is said at the Salon, stays at the Salon. This also goes for your contact information. We will never sell, trade, or otherwise provide our clients contact information or any other personal details to any third party for any reason… EVER!

Any financial information entrusted to us is secure. We will only use your information in accordance with your member agreement and make every effort to safeguard all cardholder data accordingly. All financial information is handled in a manner which exceeds the technical and operational requirements set by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to protect consumer data. We employ network security experts and utilize an encryption key which exceeds major credit card requirements to ensure sensitive information remains private and secure.


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