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Cruelty Free Hair Care Products

It is true that L’Oreal tested on animals long ago, but it is no longer the case. Over 30 years ago L’Oréal stated that they believe the future of safety evaluation lies in the development of alternative strategies. (1) Some of their most recent inventions are the research technology and data analysis techniques that make […]

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Commitment for Climate Action

Stylists at our salon in Jacksonville, FL deliver superior quality and results because we only use products and hair color developed by the L’Oreal Advanced Research Laboratory.  Total Hair Experience is proud to exclusively feature L’Oreal Professional Hair Color and the most luxurious hair care and hair styling line in the world, Kerastase Paris. We […]

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Book of Braids

Add to cart for free and check out to get all 30 How-to Braid Lessons from Kerastase Paris. Download the 50 page eBook for free… complements of Total Hair Experience Salon in Jacksonville, FL. This braiding guidelines and braid tutorial has pictures for hair braiding mastery. Simple to follow guidelines for braids makes this tutorial […]

Kerastase Therapiste – Resurrection Plant

The Resurrection Plant has the ability to survive almost complete dehydration and is able to come back to life after 10 years of near death. For the first time, Kerastase has been able to extract from this precious sap, transposing its energy into the formulas of Resistance Therapiste to give your hair a second life. […]

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Signing Bonus

Previous experience with Kerastase Paris IS NOT required to qualify for the $1000 signing bonus. If you accept an offer to be a Resident Stylist you will have 90 days to master Kerastase Product Knowledge and receive the K-PRIZE! Take the KPK IQ test below. After receiving your results, hiring managers at the Total Hair […]

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Eliminate Buhaghag Hair

Who isn’t obsessed with beautiful hair? After all, a good head of hair can make all the difference. I was talking with my friend Anna, a Filipino women, she says she always worries that she has “buhaghag hair”,  or windblown look. The Filipino phrase, “Mahangin ba sa labas?” implies that your hair is out of […]

Kérastase Product Pronunciation

Kérastase is a French brand, pronunciation can be tricky if you are not familiar with the products. Here is a phonetic breakdown to help you master your Kerastase Vocabulary when shopping and receiving in salon rituals at THE Salon, Jacksonville. Nutritive-gluco Bain Satin 1:  Bahn Sa-tahn One Bain Satin 2:  Bahn Sa-tahn Two Bain Satin 3:  […]