Very Personal Care for Exceptional Hair

As a dedicated partner to hairdressers since its creation in 1964, Kérastase’s in-salon hair diagnostic, ultra-personalized products and sensorial rituals are exclusively available in just 1% of the world’s salons. Clients at Total Hair Experience benefit from the ultra exclusive relationship our salon has with Kérastase, a worldwide leader in professional luxury haircare. We deliver […]

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Cruelty Free Hair Care Products

It is true that L’Oreal tested on animals long ago, but it is no longer the case. Over 30 years ago L’Oréal stated that they believe the future of safety evaluation lies in the development of alternative strategies. (1) Some of their most recent inventions are the research technology and data analysis techniques that make […]

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Commitment for Climate Action

Stylists at our salon in Jacksonville, FL deliver superior quality and results because we only use products and hair color developed by the L’Oreal Advanced Research Laboratory.  Total Hair Experience is proud to exclusively feature L’Oreal Professional Hair Color and the most luxurious hair care and hair styling line in the world, Kerastase Paris. We […]

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Frizz Control: Humidity Immunity

Record humidity and dew points grow worse as summer heat increases. Be sure to stay hydrated, use sun screen, and coat your hair with hydro-phobic molecules to tame bad hair days caused by humidity induced frizz. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) predicts record heat and humidity this summer. The US Government along with […]

Does Cold Weather Make You Loose Your Hair?

Old Wives Tale or Fact? It’s dry scalp, not cold drafty Scalp that causes more hair loss. Leading research indicates the cold has nothing to do with hair loss. “In fact, one six-year study from the University Hospital of Zürich shows that people actually lose the least amount of hair in the winter.” Believed to […]

Hair Recipes That Have Stuck Around

Some Old Recipes Are Worth Remembering, Others Not So Much One particularly famous medieval treaty of cosmetics may sound too passé when compared to the modern cosmetic industry. Still, this is pretty cool stuff even the modern naturalists would find noteworthy. Like washing your hair with vinegar, mint, thyme, rosemary and nettle-infused water. Sounds familiar? It should […]

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Good Hair Color has Never Gone Out of Fashion

To say you are going to the salon to dye your hair is a misnomer carried over from the olden days. Today’s colors are far more than dyes. Lifting, depositing, chemical precision… the proper term would be “Color” not Dye your hair. But fashionable hair color is hardly a modern invention. In the past often it was […]

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Romans Were Hair-Conscious

Ancient Greeks might have been the ones to introduce barbershops to the world but we shouldn’t forget about the Romans contribution to the hair culture of today. They didn’t only embrace and perfect all Greek hair care and styling ideas but contributed quite a bit themselves, dictating styling trends, even using the ancient version of what […]

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No Need for Conditioner

Modern Shampoo Is What Caused The Need for Conditioner. Is that a gasp? The use of natural ingredients in hair cleansing practices of the past left hair soft and shiny, making the product we now consider a must absolutely unnecessary. Lye soaps didn’t do much to change this all thanks to the fact that people didn’t wash their […]

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Natural Hair Care Remedies Are Popular

Miraculous natural ingredients such as coconut and almond oil as well as honey and a form of purified butter called ghee have been the base of hair care in old India. Today, it is still a good idea to incorporate food and mineral based ingredients into your hair care and beauty regimens. Oral history places […]