Cruelty Free Hair Care Products

animal cruelty free productsIt is true that L’Oreal tested on animals long ago, but it is no longer the case. Over 30 years ago L’Oréal stated that they believe the future of safety evaluation lies in the development of alternative strategies. (1) Some of their most recent inventions are the research technology and data analysis techniques that make it possible for all beauty labs, not just L’Oreal Advanced Research Labs to reduce and even completely stop animal testing to ensure the safety of beauty products they bring to market.

L’Oréal ended all testing of its products on animals in 1989. By 2013, the beauty products group took the next step to not only ban the use of animal testing in their own laboratories but to end animal testing at any of the 3rd party laboratories they work with everywhere in the world. (1) Advances in cruelty free research proves that L’Oreal continues to be the most important pioneer in the beauty industry.

In 1909 the founder of L’Oreal, Eugène Schueller, invented and made the first modern hair color available for Parisian hairdressers sparking a worldwide phenomenon of a new type of beauty. Early on the DNA of L’Oréal’s research and innovation catapulted the service and science of beauty into the modern age and continues today to produce industry changing discoveries to make your beauty experience more vibrant with new ingredients critical to delivering superior results and products which give hairstylists the power to create enhanced results and overall superior salon experiences. (2)  Since 1989 it is being done without animal testing

Research and testing in the early days of the technological beauty renaissance ignited by the visionaries employed with the L’Oreal Group was during a time where the importance and need to protect animals from cruelty and abuse was also just beginning to enter the social consciousness. Today, L’Oréal is committed to only market products whose safety has been evaluated according to rigorous and ethical protocols. The goal is to prevent consumers from experiencing any adverse effects from the product’s use but also respect the rights of animals.

“Traditionally, the safety assessment of products and ingredients was done by means of animal testing. However, since the 1980s, L’Oréal believes that the future of safety evaluation lies in the development of alternative, “predictive” strategies. This approach is built on the substantial scientific progress being made in the fields of reconstructed skin models, molecular modeling and also high-performance data processing. It allows us to exploit all of the data that the Group has been accumulated over the course of a century, representing over 50 000 ingredients. These new strategies and the considerable research efforts behind them have paid off.”(1)

L’Oreal credits the advances in alternative methods to partnerships with research institutes worldwide and the extraordinary determination of their teams. L’Oréal has made a “predictive” era of forecasting an ingredients safety & efficacy before it has been synthesized. This ambition, which is supported by the international scientific community known as “toxicology of the 21st century”, feeds and inspires innovation in the L’Oreal Labs.

More than 30 years ago L’Oréal chartered a new course that today allows for innovation for beauty around the world without the need for animal testing. Today not only have they ended the practice of animal testing, they have created the technology the entire beauty industry needs to stop the archaic practice of animal testing.

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