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It’s no secret that braids are having their big moment right now. From the chicest Fall 15 runways like Tom Ford, Chanel and Givenchy, to that way-too-pretty-to-be-real girl walking by, it’s impossible to go a day without seeing a major braid somewhere. And yet, so many still wonder: how do they do it? How do these fashionable women manage to take a style that we all remember from our childhood playground days and make it sophisticated, stylish and covetable? In short, how do you style a braid with that Parisian je ne sais quoi?

The first lesson to learn is not to fear the braid. Think that wearing one to work will make you come off as less powerful? No. Afraid that that special someone will mistake you for a little girl still full of innocence? No. Braiding takes hair to the next level and, done properly, has the power to transform your hair (no matter its state) into a veritable fashion accessory as in-demand as the latest ¨it¨ bag. It doesn’t take the 4.6M #braid tags on Instagram to prove that everyone wants to know how to create a contemporary, adult braid. Whether you’re heading to the beach in Saint Tropez, to a boardroom meeting or simply snuggling up with a good book on a Sunday; fine hair, thick hair, long or short, a braid is your perfect style partner. So in short, when pondering the question: “to braid or not to braid?”, the answer is always “braid”.

When it comes to styling our hair, we all want the same thing: hair that holds the shape we want yet doesn’t feel dry, crunchy or stiff. In short, what we all seek is styling that leaves hair feeling as sublime as after the most luxurious hair-care protocols. Fulfilling this mission is the core of each product of the Couture Styling range. Striking a balance between the exquisite hair quality and unquestionably potent styling power – this is what we call the Kérastase Touch. After all, true luxury is never having to compromise.

Ever wonder why thick-haired girls are able to create fantastic braids but the challenge comes for those who aren’t blessed with Mediterranean tresses? The answer, thickness. Having hair matter means that you have something for the strands to hold onto as you build your braid and that it doesn’t fall apart.
That doesn’t mean that those with fine hair are doomed to go braidless.

This innovative alliance of groundbreaking IntraCylane® technology with emollient agents instantly expands the diameter of each hair fibre. Immediately hair is visibly thicker and fuller to the touch. Hair remains soft, supple and easy to work with while having exquisite shine. For best results, spray into your hand before combing through towel-dried hair. Braiding becomes a breeze for those with fine hair, hair losing density or even those that just want the perfect natural air-dry with a bit of “oomph”.

Everyday braids elevate your casual style with flair.
Casual and braiding aren’t always synonymous. Some people think that even paying attention to our hair means that we aren’t casual. When given the choice between letting your hair
look limp with zero effort, or going for an effortless chic look with a little bit of work, we always suggest the latter. From Saturday errands in jeans and a coat, to spending
a rainy Sunday swaddled in cashmere, there’s no casual look that doesn’t merit a braid.
Simple styles do away with the myth that braids take forever to do and make even the simplest T-shirt and jeans go from drab to fab.

There are a lot of reasons to love a Sunday (aside from the fact that it heralds tomorrow being Monday). It’s the perfect day to spend lazing about in your favourite
cashmere sweat pants, drink your favourite tea and truly just unwind. For some this might even be the day of “detox” before the intensity of the week to come begins – face masks, hair masks, juice cleanses. For others, it’s the day to really spend being zen – post brunch of course. So, grab that book whose spine has been begging to be cracked, put down the phone, iPad, laptop and TV remote, pull your hair in a braid so you don’t have to worry about it and settle in for a truly “you” day.

Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, had a rough night; maybe it’s really humid outside; or maybe, it’s just one of those days where no matter what you do, your hair refuses to cooperate and seems to have a mind of its own. There’s no better way to dominate rebellious strands than twisting them into a braid – trust us, there’s no way for them to act out if they’re all tied up! Even simply adding two little braids to your default “Bad Hair Day” ponytail will make people think that you’re trying out a nifty new style and not hiding disobedient hair.


Braids that are smart from interview to board meeting.
A braid isn’t something many of us would typically think to wear to work, let alone to an interview. We think that braids are reserved for girls only in creative domains, boutiques,
agencies, maybe even “cool” fashion jobs. But what of the accountant, the supply chain manager? Does she have to resign herself not to braid at the office? Our stance is that a braid
can suit everyone from the lawyer to the woman doing her first interview – it’s a way of showing personality, flair and sophistication without being too in-your-face; in short, aside
from a killer resume, it’s a way to stand out in the crowd.

Don’t want to braid all your hair back to risk not looking too over worked but want to retain a bit of creativity in your style? Pair pin straight hair with a delicate, intricate braid. It’s a way to say “yes, I have a personality. Yes, I own it ; and yes, I can make it work in a creative way that’s still elegant and not brash”. We recommend this worn with a cool yet professional mix and match outfit and pair of statement pumps or bag – not both. Nothing says power like a good power-suit the saying goes, right? Well we like to think that a key element in a power look is a great power braid. For this look we turn to an old faithful, a tight, strict and modern French braid. Pulled back and cascading down your back it makes a strong statement and empowers you. Also ideal for those days you have to present audits to clients, stand up in court or simply are meeting a client to help file their taxes.

Company events today are often the occasion where a crowd becomes a sea of black. Everyone pulls out the classic work black dress, black tights, black pumps (red soles optional); even the men are all in black suits. When everyone “looks” the same you want to stand out but without being garish. This sophisticated double braid will have everyone coming up to you and asking you
how you created it – a great way to start a conversation, even with that HR manager you’ve been meaning to talk to about that upcoming promotion.

Seductive braids to light a fire in that special someone. We think it’s safe to say that most of us have a love-hate relationship with dating. There’s the wonderful sense of excitement and adrenaline that comes from meeting someone new; the prospect of what’s to come – the allure of the unknown. That flutter in your stomach that makes you smile when you get a text from them. The glow we all know too well that makes your eyes sparkle. Yet there’s the stress of just getting to know someone – “what do I want them to think about me? What do they like? What do I wear!?”. Let’s be real, we’ve all been there. Braids can be your best companion to make you look like you’ve made an effort to look special for them, but also that you haven’t overdone it so as to scare them off. Here are some helpful braids to take you from that first date where sparks fly all the way through to date number 2, 3 and beyond …


To understand what to wear on the first date and decode that moment of panic that has you emptying your wardrobe and saying that you have nothing to wear you must first ask yourself the question – what do I want out of this date? In short, you want to make an unforgettable first impression. One that makes whoever you meet want date #2 to happen (that is if YOU want
date #2 to happen too!). So don’t over think it, enhance what your mother gave you and let your natural beauty shine through – there’s nothing more off-putting than someone who has gone overboard on the first date. If you go 200% on date #1, there’s nothing to be discovered afterwards. Pair the Hidden Braid with natural-looking makeup so you look like the absolute best
version of yourself.

BRAIDS for dates
with braids

Ok, so you succeeded at date #1, and you enjoyed their company enough to accept to see them again. Now it’s time to step it up a little bit more while still keeping a veil of mystery to suggest that date #3 is definitely worth their while. Here we suggest something perhaps a little more sensual, a little bit more suggestive, more refined and elegant. The Loose Braid – soft enough to say “I just pulled this together” but elaborate enough to send the message that “yes, I do care about this and yes this is a special moment”. Add a strong lip in your most flattering shade to play up this style.
You have a couple of options here but we suggest that it’s time to play a little bit of a game to keep your crush on their feet. What do they think you’ll do? Go even more sophisticated. What do you do? The complete opposite. But here’s where braids play a key role, even using them as a detail to elevate a sporty look like a ponytail makes it appear that there’s a strong degree of consideration and sophistication to what you’re doing. What’s more, you can play both sides by pairing a more down-tempo do with a more upscale outfit. A bold eye and soft lip coupled with the Braided Ponywrap. Simple, refined. Great for dinner, walking through a park to a lovely gallery. Sharing a magical kiss. Also easy for the morning after if things go that way.

The Resort Wear of hair, these braids ensure the chicest getaway. Whether you summer in Saint Tropez, Bali or Palm Beach, the summer means one thing for hair – frizz. As humidity levels soar, no matter how fine it is, your hair approaches a close resemblance to Diana Ross – and not in a good way. At a time when all you want to do is bask in the glory of the sun’s rays, braids are your perfect ally. Not only is frizz and volume kept in check, but these styles keep you fresh when the temperature is at its hottest, while of course looking chic. Beat the heat and look your summer’s best day and night.


Sun is up and so is the temperature. Get your hair up in this effortless bun as you sun bathe to ensure your hair doesn’t get in the way of a flawless tan. While basking in the sun, the last thing you want is to feel constricted or restrained, so the effortless and flat nature of this updo makes sure you can relax on your towel-roll pillow without feeling restrained. Ultimate bliss.
Want to cool off with just a dip but dread getting your hair wet? Fret not; this incredibly simple yet intricate looking updo keeps your hair out of the water as you wade around – margarita, optional.

The secret to the ultimate effortless beach waves? Braids! As you prep for a night of dancing in a maxi dress, let your braids out and let your waves flow! A little braided detail adds a playful twist and keeps your bands in check long into the summer night. Two delicate strands pulled away from your face tie into a delicate braid that melts into an ocean of dynamic, bouncy beach waves. There’s nothing sultrier than having your hair dance about you to recall the roaring waves of the ocean.

Rise and shine. The sun beams in and you’re set to start off the day. Going for a run, walk or just hanging outside, the tight slick back of this braid makes your face glow (read: instant face lift)
and keeps you fresh from the summer’s heat. The tightly interwoven strands are graphic, elegant and feminine yet have a touch of sportiness to them. Ideal for post-morning-swim, grabbing a frozen latte after a round of tennis or a morning massage, it’s quick, easy, and effortless; just as any holiday morning should be.
Braids to go from always a bridesmaid to the bride herself.

When it comes to weddings, either you are the center of attention and want to look your absolute best, or you are playing a supporting role and have to have an above-average level of style without out-shinning the bride. So whether you’re the bride donning a one of a kind Oscar de la Renta or a heirloom hand-me-down from generations ago; or you’re in the bridal party and want to stand out in all those pictures, braids can help you navigate the sensitive line that is hair-styling during the fateful wedding season. Here comes the braid!

Your best friend is getting married, comes to you and tells you she is pulling a Charlotte York and wants coordinating bridesmaid dresses. Ok so they are Vera Wang, but still, champagne knee-length silk faille dresses are so not your vibe. What to do? Well, if there’s one domain you can express your style while not obliterating the bride’s style desires, it’s your hair.
For styles that are set to show off your shoulders (off the shoulder, one shoulder, sweetheart), we recommend opting for a mane of bountiful curls accentuated with a delicate braid headband. Not only will the groomsmen be wondering “how did she do that?”, the bride won’t feel that you’ve broken all the rules with your sultry style. If the dress has straps, our suggestion is to pair with a hair-up option (crown of braids) that mirrors the regal style of these cuts as well as shows off your neck, collar and cheek-bones in all their glory. Pair with demure but dramatic earrings and barely-there makeup (read: Urban Decay Naked Pallette) to complete this look. It’s your special day, one that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl – or maybe not. No matter what your perspective is when it comes to weddings, when you put on that custom-fitted gown there is something magical that happens to you and you know that THIS is your day. You might be a girl who always does that little something extra with her hair, or maybe you always have your hair down. Either way, this is the occasion to accentuate your style with a beautiful braid. Appropriate for avant-garde, beach, traditional or even Royal weddings, an artful up-do with a braided lace detail is a standout style. And when the reception party gets roaring and you want to let it down, a quick un-pin leaves you with exquisite waves.


Braids to sway no matter what your vibe is. A song that reflected a decade gone by used to say « if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower in your hair ». If you were to write a song today about going to a southern California music festival, the lyric would read “if you’re going to Palm Springs, be sure to braid your hair”. Festivals States-side, in France, UK, or even the famous Full-Moon festivals in Thailand all call for one thing in common, braids. As you sway to your favourite band’s new sound, sizzle under the hot sun, or get soaked under the gushing rain, your hair has to stay in style. Paired with golden flash-tat’s, loose silken blouson style blouses, cut-off shorts, fringe bags (maybe leave the Prada at home), and booties, your braid says boho-chic in the most definitive way possible.

From girls night (in or out) to a night at a grand gala, these braids are sure to make heads turn. There are certain outfits that you save for special occasions, maybe that shift dress that you know you spent a little too much on or that pair of Manolos you just HAD to have. We save these splurge items and pull them out only for the most special of occasions. For some, the definition of a worthy occasion can range from a Friday night with the girls sipping French 75s at an uber chic bar, a Saturday get-together with old friends over too much wine and good laughs, or that magical gala night that comes so rarely but warrants the an equally magical outfit. The funny thing is, we save away special outfits, but we don’t always think about special hair to make these knockout looks complete. So whether you are pulling out a gown that makes you feel like your version of Cinderella or throwing on your dancing shoes, these artfully crafted braids will complete the look to make you the belle of whatever ball you’re headed to.


Maybe you’ve been invited to a corporate cocktail, an artist’s vernissage at a fabulous new gallery, or maybe you are meeting your new beau’s family over cocktails before heading off to dinner. Regardless, you are looking for a style that is equal parts refined and daring. While a topknot or modern chignon is what everyone expects to wear in this situation, you make that a statement that you are unique by adding a braid detail in the back. Worn either with that LBD that hugs you in all the right places or a daring top with full skirt, this tromp-l’oeil topknot is just like a good martini – strong, classic, clean with just enough of a twist to leave you wanting more.

Girls’ night may mean a bottle of chardonnay and, a screening of Sex and the City with some of those treats you never allow yourselves to indulge in during the week – as well as a healthy dose of the week’s gossip; it might also mean wearing the product of your Saturday post-brunch shopping spree to sip cocktails and then go dancing. Either way, it’s a night for you and your girls, no one else (ok maybe that tall dark stranger who sent over the glass of champagne might be included), and the look calls for playful chic. Reinvent the classic pony with this full-bodied braid. A look that
makes a big statement yet doesn’t appear to have taken all night to perfect. Pair with a killer set of heels.


THE BRAIDED PONY For some the occasion to don our finest may come more frequently than for others, but no matter how rare or not the gala occasion knocks at our door, the magical feeling of getting all dressed up never grows old. If you are asking yourself the question whether you should wear that Matthew Williamson with your hair up or down, the answer is always hair up. Sure some may say that hair down is the modern way to do things, but trust us, when it comes to a proper soirée, hair up is just what Emily Post calls for. When it comes to eveningwear, simple is sometimes the best way to go, but when it comes to accessories, that’s where you can have the fun. Maybe you go full Holly Go Lightly with a dramatic pearl adornment, or channel Nicole Kidman with a modern open back and single pendant; either way intricately lace your hair with braided details in this magnificent chignon.

Keep fit & stay chic with these sporty braids.
There is nothing worse than the feeling of your hair getting sweaty and flopping around behind you as you try to get a good work out. Nor is there anything worse than having to sacrifice your daily chic in order to have good fitness. And lastly, there’s nothing worse than running into a friend just as you are leaving the gym and know your hair isn’t at its best. That all ends now. Braids mean that the ever-classic workout ponytail isn’t going to flop and fill with sweat, they’re an alternative that say “no, I didn’t just workout, I did my hair like this and I look fabulous”, and best of all, they’re ever so easy to roll up into a tight little bun that’s as chic as can be. So dare to braid when you’re at the gym, just don’t be surprised when your SoulCycle friends ask you how your hair always looks so fab even after such an intense class.

aren’t fads but they’ll be These three workouts Some fools say that yoga isn’t a workout, they’re wrong. Yoga is a workout for the mind, soul, and body – no matter which form you practice (though we favour the high-temp Bikram). As you flex your muscles in ways you never thought possible, in poses whose names only very few can pronounce/remember, think of twisting your hair into an equally simple and intricate twist braid. What’s great is after you’ve finished your final child’s pose and hit the change rooms, you’re going to look equally refined and zen as you head
down with some friends for a quick smootie (Kale is optional). Namaste our stylsish and fit friends, Namaste. Maybe it’s along the Seine or in Central Park, no matter where you go in
the world you are sure to find a place where you can run. There’s nothing quite like that fantastically liberating feeling that you get from this form of cardio – a tremendous sense of freedom. A good run leaves you invigorated, satisfied, and a rush that can’t be beat (partially perhaps from the intense beats pumping through your headphones – no judgment if they’re Taylor Swift). The only thing you want on your back as you run is the wind, so tuck your hair up into a tight braided chignon and go forth, and run free!

If you’ve had a rough week, we highly recommend this workout– after one class all your tension is sure to be gone and you’ll leave feeling very very empowered. The strong cardiovascular
workout combined with the impact of the punching bag (or your unfortunate sparring partner) allows you to burn cals and also tighten and tone. A high-intensity workout calls for an intensely
cool braid like this 3D braid worn high on the head.

Braids as snuggly as the finest cashmere to get through the cold winter. When it feels like it’s 300 degrees outside we all wonder « why do we have hair !? » The answer comes as the temperature drops to sub zero. Sure, not all of us experience the polar vortex of the North, but come those winter months (whichever they may be, depending on where you are in relation to the equator), you want your hair to keep you cozy and warm. Yet, with winter comes static and yet another form of frizz… so how to keep coziest without looking like you put your finger in an electric socket? Braids of course!


SNUGGLE up with Braids

Here fame does not compromise quality. We’re talking about the chocolateries that are known around the world for their smooth, rich, drinkable delicacies. Paired with a macaron, perhaps a Mont Blanc, you won’t regret this indulgence when the temperatures dip below double digits. Our favourite addresses have equally infamous colour schemes meaning you can spot them when your fingers are freezing in your leather gloves Ladurée with its pastel green hue (Rue Royale, Rue Bonaparte, Champs Elysees) or Angelina that owns dusty rose like no one else (rue de Rivoli).
The Undone Side Fishtail compliments both decors immensely Specialists in the art of chocolate take you to places unknown with infusions and a true 360° chocolate experience. Reserved for the true connoisseurs, these artful creators make chocolate a veritable moment of extase. In our favourite you know you’ll be surrounded by artists, connoisseurs, and a few discerning fashionistas. Jean Paul Hevin (Boulevard de la Motte-Piquet, rue Saint Honore), Foucher (rue du Bac) are the ideallocales to spot the Bang Braid.

If there is one thing that most women can agree on, it’s chocolate. And if there is one thing that barely anyone can resist on a cold winter’s day, it’s hot chocolate. Paris has some of the finest addresses for hot chocolate that herald visitors from far and wide. Ranging from the chic of the chic, to the more understated, here is our listing of our fave chocolateries to warm you from the inside out come snowfall. Here you’ll be sipping not only truly fine chocolate out of exclusive bone china, you’ll experience it in perhaps its strongest concentration, all in a truly opulent environment. This is the chic hotel option. Parisian hotels are famous for having “galleries” where you can sit, take shelter from the cold, sip your chocolate and gawk at the fabulous around
you while crystal chandeliers sparkle overhead. Our favourite addresses are ideal after a day of heavy winter shopping at The Plaza Athenée (Avenue Montaigne) or Le Bristol (Faubourg Saint Honoré).Both of which pair perfectly with the Braid & Bun.

Fedora, floppy, bowler or beanie hats pair with braids for the ultimate chic. Hats have never been as chic as they are today. From the playful little fedora, to the boyish newscap, the options today are endless. Yet, when we reach for a hat, it’s usually on the days that we want to neglect our hair because we are running late, are too lazy, or want to let the hat do all the work of making our outfit pop. So we beg the question, what if we were to pair such a haute fashion accessory with an equally fashionable hair-style? What would that say about our full look? Braids with hats or hair accessories are next-level fabulous. Worn to go to brunch, on a lazy shopping day, to hide a “bad-hair-day”, or even to attend the season’s latest fashion show, we dare you to go all out.
Don’t save your hat for a lazy-hair-day, pull it out, braid up and create a full-fashion ensemble!

Just as choosing a hat requires knowing what is best for your face shape, so too does choosing the appropriate braid. Here’s our guideline! You’re the luckiest of them all because there is no brim big enough for you! We recommend going for an oversized brim (think Heidi Slimane’s first collection at Saint Laurent) to create an exaggerated sense of balance. Braid your hair in an architectural Kate Braid to put the emphasis on your dramatic features and your exquisite hat. No matter how hard you try, your face will always be darling. Channel that somewhat innocent sense of beauty with a lovely vintage-style chapeaux with a small brim. This minimizes the size at the top of your head making your small chin-area shine. Plus, you look cool, alternative and chic. When everything is soft, we suggest a dramatic 4 Strand Braid.

Sharp angles call for soft contours. You’ve been blessed with dramatic jaw and cheek architectural forms, so when you want to hat-up we recommend opting for something soft like a beret or bonnet. Here you can opt for the romantic Waterfall Braid that means taking off your hat when inside doesn’t result in disastrous hair. Don’t read this wrong but round face calls for round brim. A round face is sometimes considered a symbol of generosity. As your facial structure already reflects a sense of balance we recommend echoing this in your hat choice so a medium-brim sized fedora is your best bet. You’re like Goldilocks whereby too small a brim will make your head look big, and too big a brim will make people think “where’s this hat going with a person attached!?”. Pair with either a Kate Braid to the side to bring softness or for drama the 4 Strand Braid. You’re the quintessential hybrid; neither round, neither oblong but perfectly in-between. So your hat has to be just so. We suggest a signature chapeaux from Maison Michel with its smooth contours draw attention to your equally gorgeous shape. Here, darling, let’s opt for drama with a 4 Strand Braid that keeps gawkers staring as you walk by.

the Couture Book
Kérastase Paris

Illustrated by Jessica Durrant
Jackie Wilt from Aura Salon and Day Spa
Tony Westenhaver from TONTO salon
Craig Wcislo from LuxeLab
Cyndi Havard from Sproos Salon & the Style Bar
Mattison Perron from Hush Hush Hair Salon
Rissa J, from Hyde Edwards Salon
Gina Feliciani from David J. Witchell salon and spa
Ashley Franke
Yesenia Guinea from Smoke&Mirrors Salon
Erin Mills from Stella Luca Salon
Summer Verrett from Envy Salon and Spa
Emiley Golie from Lunatic Fringe Salon
Ladda Phommavong from Jose Luis Salon
Kristen Coatney
Kelly Wood
Travis D. Valdez from Salon Thalia
Lauren Sill from Luxelab (Creative Director)
Stephanie Belly from Daniel Smits Salon
Nicole Tomasch from Phoenix Salon and Day Spa
Janine Whitman from Alex Emilio Salon

This download is all about braids, braided styling, classic braid ideas and how-to be the envy of all your friends with amazing braided hair as the braid-istas briader! The Kerastase Book of Braids covers braiding better than any other source available in Jacksonville, FL or any other city in the world. Download this free Hair braiding tutorial manual that covers the hairstylist topic of “to Braid or Not to Braid”, braiding dos and don’t, and braiding 101. If you are looking for the best hair braid styles we reccommend using kerastase paris hair braid styling products. Kerastase styling products for brading like Materaliste create hair matter for braiding. Kerastase braiding techniques include using materaliste and the other couture styling proidcts for better braiding technique and braids that look great and last all day.

Download the 50 page eBook for free… complements of Total Hair Experience Salon in Jacksonville, FL. This Braiding guidlines tutorial has pictures for braiding mastery. Simple to follow guidelines for braids makes this tutorial about hair braiding with easylessons worth studying if you like braided hair styles. This book of braids includes information on hair braiding tools, wedding braids, sport braids, date braids, party braids, summer braided hair, braids for all occassions, braided hair style how-to for lazy days sunday, double braid ponytail, relaxed braid styles laidback braids, kerastase fishtail braid style, elegant braided hair styles, tight braids, braided hair styles with tight braids that aren’t uptight, sweptback braid braid style, hidden braids, slick wet braided hair style, how-to bun braid, braid hair styles for wedding, and a braided headband style tutorial.

Take your hair braiding skills to the next level with how-to braid chignon braided bunm, chignon braided hair for wedding, Flower Fringe Braid, tutorial for braided hair with flowers, Bohochella Crown Braided hair style, Love Braid Ponytall. Love braid style how-to also covers knotted braids hairstyles professional hairstylists jacksonville, fl

This new eBook is yours for free and you will get the best rope braid lessons, High intensity 3d braids, braids for high intensity workouts, rope bun style training learn how to braid, braid Bun Chic hair styles expert training. Also get how-to lessons on classic fishtail side braid stylists
understated braiding bang braid, four strand braid shopping hair styles, kate brade hairstyles easy to do howto Waterfall Braid Hairstyles Lessons.

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