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We’ve developed a plan for independent stylists that offers the best of both worlds. All of the conveniences, perks, and business support of an employee with the personal responsibility and autonomy of being your own boss as a booth renter. We recognize that the best talent in our industry is attracted to booth rent for its independence and income maximizing potential. Often it is the guest experience that suffers because of the fractured uncontrollable factors of a booth rental salon environment. Wildly independent entrepreneurial minded stylists out there – if your guests value the ‘total’ salon experience where consistency and the finest service and products are provided… we may have a new salon home for you.

A $1000 signing bonus is available if you take an offer to be a resident stylist. But if you are an amazing stylist and a nice person that is a great fit for our culture… break free from your pigeon hole as a booth renter into a transitional model as an Independent Stylist at Total Hair Experience. Choose from 5 levels tailored to fit your individual business needs.

In addition to the weekly chair rental charge there are a few other things we require of our Chair Renters including:

  • Commit to keeping a minimum of 8 hours a week consistently open on the salon book where our reception staff can schedule new and existing salon clients to grow your business.
  • All back bar and professional supplies are to be purchased from our in-salon dispensary.
  • Share in “the cost of business”, meaning – a small percentage of all business conducted in your chair goes to pay for your share of the direct costs of doing business any professional stylist would be paying for. The more open hours you commit to, the smaller of a percentage goes to the house.
  • All appointments are scheduled and transactions occur through the central register. Product costs and usage charges are deducted and paid weekly.
  • Every guest must receive a thourough consultation, diagnosis, and product education must occur with tevery op

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Accountability, professionalism, and talent are factors that we look for when we consider partnering with independent stylists. If you think you will fit in to our culture of setting high expectations and delivering uncompromising levels of customer service, we invite you to consider “the” Total Hair Experience chair rental program as an alternative to booth rent. Get all of the benefits of being part of a team, including the conveniences and perks of a being a salon employee but maintain your independence.

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