Eliminate Buhaghag Hair

Who isn’t obsessed with beautiful hair? After all, a good head of hair can make all the difference.

I was talking with my friend Anna, a Filipino women, she says she always worries that she has “buhaghag hair”,  or windblown look. The Filipino phrase, “Mahangin ba sa labas?” implies that your hair is out of shape and is in disarray. Who has time for stress like that? Especially if you have an important meeting ahead of you and you are all set to cinch a big deal.

Don’t we all fuss to have perfect hair? But sometimes it’s just not that easy! Or is it?


Anna’s obsession with good hair started when she was in high school, when the heat and humidity of the class resulted in frizzy hair. “I would constantly iron and blow-dry my hair, which caused it to thin, and at such a young age! I researched with my mom and quickly recognized the importance of taking supplements for my hair. I took biotin (vitamin B), a Silica supplement and flaxseed oil every day and coupled my supplements with a nutritious diet.” She says this is a big factor in her improving the quality and appearance of her hair.

KERASTASE Discipline Masketarine masque

KERASTASE Discipline Masketarine

Pairing a good diet with a good hair regimen is the best route to getting lush tresses. Women who are with an at-home hair routine will love Kerastase Discipline, a new range of hair products that contains a very high Pro-Keratin concentration designed to tame even the most buhaghag hair.

Salon keratin treatment

Bain Fluidealiste shampoo

Kerastase Bain Fluidealiste

With less than an hours time and a mere $75 budget to visit a salon, a new keratin treatment system from Kerastase Paris helps in taming your locks, especially if your hair has a tend to have a mind of their own. After eight years of development by the 3000 L’Oreal beauty scientists – Kerastase introduced the Discipline range in the summer of 2014 as an in-salon treatment, where manageability is achieved without chemically straightening your hair and losing its volume. A keratin treatment that doesn’t make your hair stiff.

Even the best genes can lead to worn-out locks if you subscribe to a poor diet and are subjected to stress, toxic pollutants and other environmental factors. Similar to a good skincare habit, caring for your hair will keep you looking young and beautiful. With just a little effort your hair now will be so worth it. With the matching after care products the results from the in-salon treatment last up to 21 shampoos.

At-home keratin treatment

Even if you don’t have the luxury of time to get the salon treatment the after care products from Kerastase Paris are AMAZING! Three days of frizz control from each use. Actual results, not just hype. Several dozens of our clients will attest to this. The shampoo, Bain Fluidealiste, is sulfate-free, and is designed to restore hair fiber weakened by chemical and emvironmental stress. The Maskeratine is a masque that texturizes and brings great smoothness to your hair. For a final finish, and if you use no other Kerastase product, Fluidissime, a morpho-keratine finishing spray has been touted by a guest at The Salon as “It like instant perfect hair. I carry it with me every where and when ever I need a refresh like at the gym or before a meeting, I spray a little on my hands and scrunch my hair a few times and… POOF! Perfect Hair!”

This range is said to be a breakthrough; the Morpho-Keratine compound works to fill up parts of your hair strands that have lost substance, and in so doing reconstitute your hair. The whole range promises to work on creating a second skin on your hair surface to smoothen the strands, facilitate detangling and protect hair from humidity and pollution, leaving your crowning glory at its healthiest.


Get the Kerastase Discipline Treatment in Jacksonville, FL from our Salon. We carry the take home products as well as offers the in-salon Kerastase Discipline Treatment. Call 904.551.1020 to schedule an appointment or simply use the request link in the right column to get an appointment online now.

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