Frizz Control: Humidity Immunity

Record humidity and dew points grow worse as summer heat increases. Be sure to stay hydrated, use sun screen, and coat your hair with hydro-phobic molecules to tame bad hair days caused by humidity induced frizz.

kerastase jacksonville salons frizzy hair controlThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) predicts record heat and humidity this summer. The US Government along with International Governments and agencies like the UN are issuing dire global warming reports of extreme weather across the country and globe. What does this have to do with hair? It’s simple – the more humidity in the air the more bad hair days we will have to battle.

Human Hair is so very responsive to humidity. In fact hair can be used by scientists to measure humidity in the air. Humidity is water vapor in the air and various measurements are used to define it.

But who cares about the weather?


what do weathermen have to do
with my frizzy hair!

kerastase salon frizz control jacksonville flAs the relative humidity increases, hair becomes longer, and as the humidity drops it becomes shorter. On very humid days, your hair actually becomes longer and this extra length causes the frizziness that gives us bad hair days. Scientists can actually use human hair to measure the amount of humidity in the air! An ancient scientific instrument that uses hair to measure humidity is known as a hair hygrometer. Still utilized today, this instrument uses strands of human hair with the oils removed attached to levers that magnify a small change in hair length. This is possible because of the changes in length of human hair with different relative humidities.

As the humidity returns to our North Florida weather patterns, you can prevent the moisture in the air from frizzing up your hair with the proper products. The best solution is the Oleo line from Kerastase Paris. Transform dry, coarse hair into smooth, frizz free finish with volume down control with this at-home beauty ritual.

Oleo serums contain well proven all natural ingredients combined with key technologies patented by Kerastase Paris not available anywhere else. Kerastase invented the Nutri-huile and anti-frizz technology of the Oleo Relax hair care products. This is serious science. Some of the ingredients are complicated to explain, but you don’t have to know how it works – just experience that it does work. And it works well, it coats the hair with hydro-phobic molecules… literally meaning molecules that are scared of water. Kerastase Oleo Relax has ingredients that coat the hair and lock out humidity and repel water. Shorea and Palm Oils reduces volume and improves detangling. Cationic Polymer renews softness and shine of dry, rebellious hair. Silicone Derivatives provides protection from frizz. The at-home Kerastase beauty ritual we recommend to beat the frizz this summer has three steps.

kerastase jacksonville oleo relax anti-frizz treatmentCleanse: Bain Oleo Relax

  • Anti-frizz control
  • Eases detangling
  • Leaves hair soft and supple
  • Weightless nourishment and conditioning

Treat: Masque Oleo Relax

  • Reduces volume by 50%
  • Gives long-lasting smoothness
  • 24-hour frizz control
  • Provides softness, nutrition, and shine
  • Eases detangling

Prime: Serum Oleo-Relax

  • Reduces volume and detangles hair
  • Provides smoothness with long-lasting frizz protection
  • Leaves hair glossy, shiny and soft
  • Tames rebellious hair

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